About Steve Warren, Mr. Interactive NYC

I have been a software developer for 27 years, dating back to a Dungeons & Dragons game I programmed in Basic on a TRS-80 when I was 16. One of my earliest jobs was at Abacus, Inc., an eccentric Haight-Ashbury company, where in the late 1980s I installed early-model Macintoshes at San Francisco design shops and offices of the local phone and electric companies.

My languages of choice have evolved from HyperTalk and Lingo to Flash and ActionScript, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Objective-C. My specialties are games, animation tools, and educational software, and I’m an expert at making the user experience not only beautiful but fun.

I have led teams of programmers to build large-scale products, including kiosks for Barnes & Noble, digital signage for the exterior of the ABC News building in Times Square, and Nike’s online store. Working for Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Crayola, and others, I have built games, music makers, cartoon and video-mashup creators and other creative tools.

A productivity freak, I try every available software tool—Subversion, Basecamp, Google products, etc.—and choose the most appropriate ones for each of my projects. I pride myself on writing transparent code that can be easily shared and modified.

I also follow technology on a deeply personal level. I collect every gaming console, operating system and handheld device and put them through their paces. I maintain a full-production digital studio, that runs on Linux-based servers. I consume technology news, podcasts and blogs from many sources and am always looking to discover new trends, tools, and apps—among my current favorites are Mixel (http://mixel.cc/) and Loopy (http://loopyapp.com/). I check out every social media service because I believe technology’s best application is to bring people together.

My current projects include an iPad art magazine, Defrag: The Digital Magazine of Global Culture (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/defrag/defrag-the-interactive-ipad-magazine-of-global-cul).